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About Us

Floating Lens Drone Services is FAA part 107 certified and insured to make certain your project is safe and conducted legally. Based in Eugene, Oregon we specialize in aerial photography/videography and visual media. With over twenty years of experience working with Adobe software and over a decade of 3d training, there is no project too ambitious! Contact us today to get started on your vision!

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FAA Part 107 Certified and Insured

We are FAA part 107 certified. This means your project will be handled properly, safely, and legally. We take the utmost care in planning our missions so that your vision can be a success. Each flight is researched and a preflight check is done before ever lifting off. With $1,000,000 in insurance you can rest assured that no matter the project it is covered.

Innovative and Versatile

With Floating Lens Drone Services you get the whole package. Drone photography and videography are just the tip of the iceberg with drone flights. Using a 6k camera we can map your property as well as 3D scan for reconstruction. Maybe you have a house to sell, maybe you need video of a special event, or maybe you are looking for new ways to express yourself. Whatever the project our experience with industry standard software also means that you get the benefit of a top notch editing team capable of fine tuning your project to look its best.


"We are so happy with the results!"

Lauren Bounsall, Director of Operations

Marcus & Millichap

Floating Lens Drone Services is based in Eugene, Oregon serving Lane County and beyond with professional, modern, and unique solutions for aerial photography, videography, and visual media.

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